Push on arms

This popular category offers many chair options. With easy operation through a pushing-on-the-arms motion, this mechanism presents a less expensive alternative for recliner chairs that require different leg treatments.

2 & 3 Way Manual & Motorised

High Style™ 2 & 3 Way Manual Operation

The High Style recliner mechanism is a leading component for chairs with a high-leg application.

Attributes include:

  • Available sizes for small, medium, and large chairs
  • Opens smoothly with a push-on-the-arm mechanism and closes easily with simple leg pressure
  • Rail mounting allows for the ultimate in high-leg design
  • Counterbalanced recline for ease of operation and infinite Full-Recline Positions
  • Compact chassis is designed to operate in a wide range of chair sizes

Features and Benefits

  • A balanced recliner mechanism with optimum reclining performance for high-leg chairs.
  • Improved linkage design keeps Ottoman closed tightly.
  • Excellent footrest pitch and support.
  • Safety Ottoman brackets meet U.S. C.P.S.C. voluntary safety standards with an articulated, elevated bracket optional.
  • Back-stabilizing bracket stabilizes back in Closed Position.
  • Back-tension adjustment allows back pressure to be adjusted to fit the individual’s desired comfort.
  • Engineered bushings at all pivot points for smooth operation and Long Life™.
  • Positive stops maintain a tight back and Ottoman in the Closed, TV, and Full- Recline positions.

Motorised Option

  • Select any position between the closed and fully reclined position at the touch of a button.
  • Powered by a low voltage (24V) CE Approved linear actuator with a comfortable handset, which is detachable for added safety to prevent misuse and possible operation from unsupervised children.
  • Metal Cross Frame Chassis for easy assembly.
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Dura Recline™ – 2 & 3 Way Low-Leg

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-drilled for mid-Ottoman tubes to meet U.S. C.P.S.C.-approved safety standards.
  • Shoulder rivets and washers used at all key pivot points for durability.

Two-Way Mechanism

  • Two-way mechanism with fixed seat/back angle provides comfortable TV or Full-Recline positions.
  • Available in contract grade.

Three-Way Mechanism

  • Three-way mechanism features a break-away back that opens to a full layout position…or infinite positions between TV and Full-Recline.
  • Available in contract grade.
  • K.D. back system option available.
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Chairs with style! – high-leg, mid-leg and low-leg mechanisms

The breathtaking G30 recliner mechanisms is the latest product innovation from Leggett & Platt. This extraordinary wood-to-the-floor mechanism can support up to 350-pound weight capacity.

The G30 recliner mechanisms is an all new, three-way push-on-the-arm mechanism designed for chairs with style. The G30 has the ability to be install within any high, mid and low-leg applications, with the confidence of supporting 350 lbs. weight capacity. These quality features are what your customers have come to expect with Leggett & Platt’s motion furniture innovations.

Attributes include:

  • Excellent extension and elevation
  • Smooth operation – easy to open and close
  • Maintains a tight back and Ottoman in the closed, TV, and full-recline positions

Key Features & Benefits

  • Three-way push-on-the-arms mechanism.
  • Rigid, dependable frame construction with steel chassis, available in 22”, 23”, 24” and 25” widths.
  • High-leg, mid-leg, and low-leg applications.
  • Available with flipper for high-leg applications.
  • Optional K.D. Back System for easy back removal and handling.
  • Clean profile linkage.
  • Manual or Power version available.
  • Tested at 40% greater weight capacity* – 350 lbs.

* Compared to previous models.

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