The components that make up some of the finest chairs in the industry. Check out the variety of items we produce – from chromed steel bases to plastic cup-holders for cinema seating and everything in between.

Dura Rock

Swivel and Rocking Motion in One Mechanism  (Non-recline)

Features and Benefits

  • Premium-quality rocker springs
  • Patented pivot for long life and platform rocker feel
  • Optional adjustable rear springs
  • Engineered plastic bushings for quiet, smooth, and durable pivot
  • Smooth steel bearing race
  • High density molded floor protector feet
  • 5 heavy gauge steel, 25″ base diameter
  • New spring-retention emboss for noise reduction
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Storage Ottoman Hinges

  • Slim-profile stack up allows design of today’s smaller and more contemporary Ottomans.
  • Spring-loaded system will keep storage Ottoman cover in the open position.

 Drop-Down Table Hinge

  • Specially designed hinges to add a drop-down table to a sofa.
  • Streamline design for shallow and deeper backrests.
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  • Standard 360° Swivel 6”
  • Return-O-Matic 180° Swivel 8”
  • Adjusto 360° Swivel 10”
  • Aluminun swivels available in 12″, 18″, 20.5″, and 24″
  • Ring Bases available in 22″, 24″, 25″, 27″
  • Buggle Base available in 34″
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