Manufacturers of Motion Furniture should provide as much safety information as possible to their customers. This may be in the form of swing tickets, permanent or removable labels attached to the furniture, or customer care and safety handbooks, which the customer should be encouraged to keep.

Each manufacturer produces their own unique designs so it is impossible to define all potential hazards for each individual product. It is the manufacturers’ responsibility to assess each product in accordance with The General Product Safety Regulations 1994.

To assist manufacturers in identifying potential hazards and safety issues the following guidelines may be useful. However, they cannot be a substitute for the manufacturers’ own analysis of their products.

All Motion Furniture and Reclining Chairs


All reclining chairs have moving parts and can be dangerous if misused. Special care should always be taken if children are present and they should be informed that it is NOT a toy, or a spaceship! Seriously, children will want to play with anything that has moving parts and looks fun – please ensure they do not.


Care should also be taken if domestic pets are present in the home, and that they are not in the vicinity of the chair before or during operation.

General Safety in use

Reclining chairs should only be operated when occupied by one person after checking that children and pets are not in the vicinity, and only after ensuring that there is sufficient space for operation without any obstructions or objects behind or in front of the chair, which could hinder movement and damage the mechanism. The reclining mechanism should never be released without sitting in the chair. Before returning the chair to it’s closed position care should be taken that children and pets have not entered into the vicinity.

Do not sit on the arms of the chair or the open footrest, which should not be used to support anything other than the occupant’s legs and feet.

Always ensure that the furniture is properly closed before attempting to move it. Never move the furniture when it is open and DO NOT drag the chair by an open footrest or reclined backrest.

Motorised chairs – Additional Safety Guidelines

  • Do not leave motorised chairs unattended with children or babies who could accidentally operate the chair. If this is unavoidable REMOVE the transformer by unplugging it from the chair and the electrical socket then STORE safely out of reach of children.

  • All motorised units supplied by Motionmex Ltd feature a Spring-Loaded Footrest. Should an obstacle become entrapped by the footrest whilst closing, this feature will prevent serious injury or damage to the obstacle, or the mechanism. Any ‘crushing’ forces from the motor as it comes to the end of its cycle will be eliminated.

  • Before operation ensure that there is sufficient space to operate the chair paying particular attention to the distance from the wall. If impeded in this way the motor and the mechanism will be seriously damaged, as well as the wall!

  • Always ensure that all wires are free and not trapped in any way.

  • Try and position the wires from the electrical socket to the chair so that they are not across a traffic area. If this is not possible unplug when not in use. Unplug also when vacuuming around the chair, DO NOT vacuum over the wires.

  • If wires become damaged have them replaced by a qualified electrician or consult your retailer.

  • Do not operate the chair without sitting in it.

  • The mechanism is designed to be used by one person. Do not overload the chair.

  • Never move the chair whilst it is open. Ensure it is closed then unplug the mains lead from the wall. These chairs are heavy so seek assistance if necessary.

  • Some Motorised systems are fitted with a double 9V Battery-Back-Up Facility in the transformer housing. This feature enables the chair to be returned to the closed position in the event of a power cut. However, the batteries will only generate enough power for one or two cycles at the most, so if this facility has been utilised the batteries should be replaced immediately. If the user is of a particular disposition that this facility would be essential in the event of a power cut, the batteries should also be changed once a year, as alkaline batteries lose their power naturally over a period of time, even if they are not used.

If the chair is operated without being plugged into the mains, the Battery Back-Up facility will obviously come into operation, as the system ‘believes’ the power has failed. This will be evident, as the chair will operate very slowly. Should this occur, the batteries should be replaced immediately. Manufacturers should provide the customer with instructions on battery replacement in the literature provided with the chair.

Additional safety options for motorised products

Motionmex supply optional safety features such as detachable handsets, otherwise known as ‘Quick Release’ or ‘Key-Lock’ handsets with removable keys.